Positive Affirmation Postcards

Stay positive...no matter what.

These double sided 4X6 postcards are the perfect way to keep your mindset good.

Change up your postcard to fit your mood.

Our customers keep telling us that they like to keep a set on hand to give away. They make great gifts.

Each set includes:

  • 20 different quote card designs
  • A canvas gift bag to hold the set
  • A quote card stand

How our customers are using their Postcards:

  • Give away to friend having a hard time
  • Share with their child's teacher
  • Hang on the fridge
  • Put on a shelf with the mini stand
  • Give away to friends
  • Leave on a windshield of a friend who needs some positivity today
  • Put on the bathroom mirror
  • Frame and place on a shelf