Vent Clip Smellys

Liven up your car with Vent Clip Smellys! Hang the clip on your air vent so your favorite scent is wafted throughout your ride.

Keep your car smelling fresh and fab — no smelly-frowning allowed!

These are our circle designs with our signature surprise inside.


Summer Thunderstorm - The smell of a summer thunderstorm in the desert. A little rain and a bit of's sooo good.

Baja Cactus Life - This crisp, sweet scent has tropical hints. It smells like fresh flowers, coconut and sandalwood. It's like being on a warm beach in Mexico...with your feet up and a cool drink in your hand.

Shark Bite - Imagine the smell of your favorite tropical drink. This Smelly Jar will take you back to your favorite island with it's soft, fruity scent.

Cinnamon - The true scent of cinnamon that reminds me of a juicy red cinnamon bear candy.

Pina Colada - The tropical smell of pineapple and coconut is sweet in this jar.

Vanilla Milkshake - A subtle vanilla scent.

New Car - This popular little vent clip is packed with a soft leathery scent that smells just like a brand new car.

Lime and Coconut - Zesty lime with refreshing coconut water infused with Jasmine flowers and a tropical musk.

Glamping - Hints of pine and mahogany. Like a camping trip that is perfect.

Lavender - This Smelly Jar has soft hints of lavender and vanilla.

Clean Cotton - When your laundry is done and folded neatly in the drawers...this little smelly jar will remind you of the clean smell of those cotton tees.  It's a light scent with hints of floral. A crisp linen top note leads to an innocent bouquet of fresh lavender, blooming jasmine, rose petal and white lily in this fantasy scent. Sunny warmth is created with sandalwood and musk, as hints of vanilla finish the blend.

Day At The Spa - A cool and refreshing scent of cucumber and melons that will bring you back to that day at the spa, sipping a cool cucumber water while getting your feet polished and your face pampered. Smell has the hints of cool cucumbers with green leaves and honeydew melon, pineapple, and citrus.

Barbershop - You know that smell that you get when you first walk into a barbershop? It's all wrapped up in this little smelly clip and can make your car smell just as good.

Spiced Apple Pie - The smell of a hot apple and cinnamon pie coming out of the oven. It's apple with a hint of spice.

Orange and Vanilla - Have you ever had an orange creamsicle on the back porch during a hot summer afternoon? THIS is what the orange and vanilla smelly jar smells like. So yummy and brings back great memories.

Mahogany Coconut - Mahogany Coconut reminds me of the shiny wood railings at a tropical resort. Smooth and woodsy with a hint of tropics. Fragrance notes: creamy coconut, mahogany woods and English lavender

Watermelon - Summers on the porch with a juicy watermelon in your hand. Spitting out seeds and laughing with your friends...that's what we've packed inside of this Smelly Jar.

Priceless - A sweet perfumed scent of raspberry and cotton candy

Lemon Fresh - A sweet lemon scent that smells like a clean kitchen.

Strawberry  Poundcake - A sweet strawberry scent that reminds me of picking strawberries out of the garden.

Lavender HazeA luxurious and cozy blend of soft cashmere, warm amber and spun sugar with hints of soft jasmine, tea rose and pink peppercorn.

Prickly Cactus - Smells like your favorite t-shirt as you get ready for a hike in the desert. Fragrance notes: rich mahogany, dark oak and frosted lavender.

Pumpkin Pecan Waffle - LIMITED EDITION- What it smells like: a nutty, sweet fall breakfast treat. Fragrance notes: maple syrup, golden waffles and pumpkin spice